Field Building

SERI believes that field-building (increasing the number of people working on reducing existential risk) is highly impactful, as x-risk mitigation is currently talent constrained. This program is intended to help fellows test their fit for entrepreneurial field-building and get successful projects off of the ground.

What will the program look like?

Our goal is to get like-minded, agentic, and ambitious applicants to sit down together and ask themselves: ‘What tractable and impactful x-risk program could we run that doesn’t currently exist?’ Fellows will work in teams on cause area prioritization, strategy, theory of change, risk analysis, informational interviews, etc. SERI will provide guidance, resources, and support as fellows plan and potentially launch their programs this summer. We are open to ongoing collaboration with teams that we are especially excited about.

Examples of possible projects include: launching a biosecurity engineering hackathon, an AI governance workshop, an AI safety mentoring fellowship, an x-risk mitigation podcast, or creating a university course on nuclear risks.